Newsletter #2 An overview of our recent activities

Geplaatst op: 06-05-2019

Since our last newsletter (in Dutch) earlier this year, quite some activities were deployed within our Foundation. A brief summary of the most important activities:

  • After our visit to the EU Safer Internet Forum in Brussels, our website is now also available in English.
  • An information film is being worked on to make our website even more visual. This will also be developed for other purposes into a mini-documentary.
  • We have completed an initial research with minors together with Jong & Je Wil Wat. A summary of the first results is included in this newsletter.
  • Students from Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam are conducting research into challenges. The purpose of this research is to better inform doctors on this subject.
  • On April 30, we had the opportunity to present our story at a meeting of the "Alliance to better protect minors online" in Brussels. You can also find more information about this below.
  • A questionnaire will be sent from Stichting Opvoeden to their National Parent Panel. In this way we want to gain insight to what extent the parents are aware of challenges and how we can better inform them.
  • The Omnia College and Merewade Practical School in Gorinchem (NL) has agreed to participate in a pilot: questionnaire among young people, information, mentor lessons and musical / rap song about challenges.
  • And finally we are fully busy with the preparations for an animation movie and a Real live action film for and with young people.

Of course we can not do this all by ourselves and we are very grateful to the volunteers and donors for their help!

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