Better Internet for Kids: Bulletin on Online Challenges

Geplaatst op: 29-06-2019


Welcome to the 18th edition of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) bulletin. This quarterly bulletin aims to keep you informed of safer and better internet issues and opportunities across Europe and beyond. In each edition, we’ll bring you a mix of news, research and resources from many of the key stakeholders in keeping children and young people safe online, be they European Safer Internet Centres, research organisations, industry partners, policy makers or experts in the field.

Also in each edition of the BIK bulletin, we look at a topical issue – this time, we take a look at online challenges, hearing specifically from Geert Reynders who tragically lost his son Tim to a dangerous online challenge. Geert shares his views on the issue and on how different actors can play their part in ensuring that young people remain safe online. His perspective is complemented with that of the European network of Safer Internet Centres, young people, educators, researchers and industry.