For parents

Children are increasingly online and at an increasingly younger age. Besides the many nice and beautiful things that they find, they are unfortunately also confronted with annoying and even dangerous things. The online challenges also belong to the last category.

As a parent, it is almost impossible to know what your child is facing online. Warning is therefore very difficult. All the more because they are often adolescents who do not just let themselves be warned.

Do I have to watch powerlessly as a parent and hope that nothing happens? We at Foundation  T.I.M. do not think so. Staying informed and staying in conversation with your child is crucial


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Staying in touch with your child in an airy way of course, helps. There are also families where this is a fixed topic of conversation at the end of the week: "What is the most crazy or weird thing you've seen this week on the internet or social media?" This can be a nice opening to discuss the less pleasant aspects of the online world.

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