How do I recognize the signals of a choking game?

Geplaatst op: 06-02-2019

Most young people do not want to talk about strangling games. They realize very well that parents do not like it.

You can be alert to the following symptoms, especially if they occur together:

  • Your child is often alone in the room with the door closed, and then comes out a little dizzy again.
  • You can see that a belt, scarf or tie is tied at the edge of the bed, or the roe in the wardrobe, the door handle or a heating element.
  • You see damage in your child's room that you cannot explain.
  • You sometimes hear a hard banging coming out of the bedroom (falling).
  • Your child has bruises on his body.
  • Your child has bruises in the eyes.
  • Your child has strange red spots in the neck.
  • Your child suddenly has a heavy headache, is nauseous or has vomited in his room.
  • Your child is not seeing well.

Source: Ouders Online - Justin Pardoen - The choking game (