How do children come into contact with challenges such as the choking game?

Geplaatst op: 06-02-2019

The information about this 'game' (the choking game) can be found on the internet. Sometimes children run into a YouTube video. Usually they come from someone in the group of friends. Or at the sports club. It happens in changing rooms, shower rooms, the toilets at school, on hangouts in the neighbourhood. But they might also talk about it online. They experiment together or challenge each other. In betting or as it is called today: a challenge.

There are also 'games' or 'challenges' with drugs and alcohol. Group pressure also plays a role. To act tough. But simply: curiosity and looking for a 'high'. Teenagers wrongly think that such a choking game is safe: after all, you do not use drugs, but you get a daze anyway. Others ensure that you end up well if you pass out and so on. But even if you stay alive, every time your brain does not get oxygen, they sustain damage.

Teenagers have been doing this kind of experiment for generations. Some adults too. The strangulation game has also been known for a long time. Through the internet, more children come into contact than before and they become younger.