How can my child say no to group pressure?

Geplaatst op: 06-02-2019

Group pressure can play an important role in challenges. With the camera of the smartphone aimed at them, young people are encouraged to participate and to be even tougher than the others. Because they want to belong to the group, it is difficult for young people to say no to this. Talk about this with your child.

Questions you can ask:

  • How does it feel to be challenged for something you really do not feel like?
  • How do you deal with that?
  • Have you ever done something under peer pressure, which you later regretted? (Tell about a situation where that was true for you when you were a teenager, and what you learned from that.)
  • How could you react if others do something that you really do not want anything to do with?
  • What would you do now that you know how dangerous it is when you notice that others play such a game?
  • Who would you dare to trust? (Assume they may not dare to tell you and ask who they would trust to tell things at school, explain that you can save lives with it and that it is not narking.)

Source: Ouders Online - Justin Pardoen - The choking game (